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Phyto Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO: 22000:2005 and HACCP certified company and is mainly betrothed into the production of Phyto Chemicals India for Heart care products/medicines, Phyto Chemicals for slimming / fat loss products, Phyto Chemicals for energy boosters, Herbal extracts for food and beverages, Herbal extracts for dairy products, herbal-extracts-for-cosmetics, Herbal extracts and phyto chemicals for anti-viral/anti-bacterial/anti-fungal medicines/products as well as Herbal extracts for anti-allergic medicines/products etc.

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We are extensively recognized in the global as well as domestic market for our products that are pure and 100% safe & unadulterated. Our products are in confirmation with the standards and guidelines laid by WHO, US-FDA, BP. We process our products from the finest variety of plants with the aid of the latest technology and machines such that they retain their valuable qualities hence are very effective for the purpose intended.

We are equipped with the latest analytical instruments and offers competitive pricing of the Phytochemicals with rapid implementation of projects. Our works transparency and honesty towards the products manufacturing, the firm is well known for its quality oriented approach which has made us popular entity all across the globe. Other than Phytochemicals we are highly esteemed and immensely chosen for its diverse herbal extract as well as natural extract products. It due to the fact that our products are the outcome of intensive research and development. The offered Phytochemicals and Herbal extracts are manufactured based on R & D work, which enhance their effectiveness as well as quality. Our manufactured range of phytochemicals are although based on Indian ancient scripts and Ayurveda that are produced only after testing and providing the effectiveness for the exact purpose intended. We test and confirm their safety, non-toxicity and potential side-effects with microscopic examination, HPLC and TLC.

 Herbal Extracts

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 Top Veterinary Extracts

Veterinary Extracts

"A number of plant Veterinary Extracts serve as a boon to animal health problems and boost their vitality."

 Best Herbal Extracts for Cosmetics

Extracts for Cosmetics

"Extracts For cosmetics of Plants serve as very effective and safe Ingredients for cosmetics products."

 Top Herbal Extracts for Bio Fertilizer Pesticide

Extracts for Bio Fertilizer Pesticide

"Bio-fertilizers pesticides derived from plants are much safer and valuable alternatives to chemical based products."

Phyto Chemicals | Plant | Herbal | Ayurvedic | Extracts Manufacturer

Incepted years ago in this domain, we are accredited as a foremost Curcumin Extracts manufacturer in India.

We are engaged in manufacturing wide range of Bacopa Extracts.

Phyto Chemicals Life Science is a leading Grape Seed Extract manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Grape Seed Extract in India.

Garcinia Cambogia is a tropical fruit that is widely used as a weight-loss supplement, especially for people who suffer from diabetes.

Being a foremost Senna Extract Manufacturer in India.

We are hugely admired for making accessible BoswelliaSerrata Extract which is known as SalaiGuggal or Indian Olibanum.

Phyto Chemical Life Science is a largest manufacturer of Ashwagandha Extract.

We have emerged as one of the main manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Coleus Forshkoli 10% extract in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

We are famous for supplying a huge range of Green Coffee Extract 45%.

Phyto Life Sciences introduces broad varieties of customized Green Tea Extract 95%.

We are professionally managed firm engaged in supplying of high grade of Centella Extract is commonly known as Centellaasiatica.

One of the India’s most respected firms, Phyto Life Science in Ahmedabad, is popularly known and acknowledged leader of Ayurvedic know-how.

Phyto Chemicals Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, India

 Phyto Chemicals Manufacturer

We are most demanded brand in the market as a leading Phyto Chemicals Manufacturer in Ahmedabad , India. Phytochemicals are known for the additional nutrients, watercress rich source. These derivatives are known as Phytochemicals which are mostly identified may include glucosinolate derivatives such as phenylethyl isothiocyanate (PEITC) and methyl sulphonyl allyl isothiocyanates (MEITCs), flavonoids such as quercetin, hydroxycinnamic acids, and carotenoids such as beta-carotene and lutein. According to studies and research done phytochemicals can be observed from the health benefits associated with regular consumption of fruits and vegetables, including cruciferous vegetables like watercress. We are one of the leafing Phytochemicals Manufacturer in India with various manufacturing unit developed across India and main centre developed in Ahmedabad.

Phyto Herbal Extracts Manufacturer

Phyto Life Science is the world class leading Phyto Herbal Extracts Manufacturer of optimum quality standardized herbal extracts for the formulation of different types of herbal extracts which are used as Biomedicines, Phytodrugs, Nutraceuticals, Food supplements, Pharmaceutical intermediaries, cosmetics and, more recently, new chemical entities for synthetic drugs in the global market of herbalism. Further it’s glad to inform that according to research done by World Health Organization (WHO) 80% of the world population relies on herbal medicines for their basic health care and rest of the world depends on the natural medicines which are extracted from the plant origin.

 Phyto Herbal Extracts Manufacturer
 Manufacturers of Standardized Herbal Extracts

Herbal Extracts Manufacturer

At Phyto Chemicals, we have discovered the unique benefits of some common Herbal Extracts which are used for treating various ailments. The Herbal Extracts are well treated as dietary supplements and alternative medicine and commonly used in food preparation as vanilla extract. It is an extracts that are often referred to as tinctures by herbalists and alternative medicine practitioners. The medicine which are extracted from the Herbal Plant in a crude form or as a purified pharmaceutical formulation. We have an experienced and competent team of researchers and scientists who have preserved it a severe quality control on every extracts that comes out from our derivatives! We are reputed brand distinguished as leading Herbal Extracts Manufacturer at best affordable price.

Botanical Extracts Manufacturer

We are a reputed brand name well-known in this domain as a prominent Botanical Extracts Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India . The Botanical Extracts are the derivatives which are derived from the plants roots and plants bark or leaves. These offered Botanical Extracts are the extracts which are created by soaking the botanical like roots, barks and leaves in a liquid that’s able to retrieve certain chemicals or beneficial parts of the plant to be used in an extracts. These extracts can be gained in the form of powder and it maintains the active ingredients with high potency. Even the extracts are used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. Further the concentrated plant materials are extracted through variety of methods like steam distillation, solvent extraction, Co2 extraction, Cold pressing, Oil infusion, alcohol infusion and Glycerol extracts.

 Botanical Extract at Best Price in India
 Top Plant Extracts Manufacturer

Plant Extracts Manufacturer

With the reputed name in this domain, we are considered to be leading Plant Extracts Manufacturer in India . Plant Extracts are a substance or an active with desirable properties that is extracted from the specific part of a plant. The substance which is recognized as a desirable properties to be extracted from the tissue of a plant, usually by treating it with a solvent, for use in treating various health problems. We believe in quality of the product supplied, as a leading Plant Extract Suppliers, is simply the most important phase of Phyto Life Science which aims to guarantee the highest quality accessible in such an important segment as that of plant extracts.

Ayurvedic Extracts Manufacturer

The word Ayurveda is a Sanskrit words which specify ayur means life and vedameand science or knowledge therefore Ayurveda is translated to knowledge of life. Ayurveda, a natural extracts of medicine, originated from India approx. 3000 years ago. These extracts are prepared by separating the soluble matter from vegetable tissues by application of an appropriate solvent like alcohol, water or ether. Further the gained liquid is concentrated by evaporation to obtain the liquid extract or concentrated nearly to dryness to obtain solid extract.

 Ayurvedic Extracts Manufacturer

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Phyto Life Science is committed to ehance the quality of life by preventing and treating life style related diseases with its high quality products. We are one stop shop for a variety of Herbals extracts, plant extracts, Ayurveda extracts, botanical extracts and other types of phytochemicals.

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